BRIDES Best Wedding Photographers in America

I am incredibly honored to be included on BRIDES Best Wedding Photographers in America alongside so many talented friends and peers. 



“Every year, this list aims to recognize the top talent in our industry. The photographers whose images—full of emotion, one-of-a-kind composition, and a general sense of awe—motivate us and, frankly, stop us in our tracks with a collective, woah.

When setting out to name the best photographers in the United States for 2020, one thing stood out in everyone we spoke with: how this industry, along with couples affected by the events of COVID-19, has had to reimagine what their profession looks like in a world where we have not been allowed to celebrate in the way we know how. And how, even when faced with an obstacle that quite literally affected their livelihood, these professionals were able to pivot with enduring grace. Pivot. That may as well have been the word of the year for weddings. 

This year, not only did these artists (documentarians, really) give us a new level of awe-inspiring work, they also worked seamlessly to, yes, pivot. They learned to shoot couples wearing masks, travel and work wearing face shields and without second shooters, find the perfect angle from six feet apart, and, in some cases, utilize drone photography (yes, really!) so guests could enjoy some semblance of a “normal” cocktail hour. 

Even so, when asked to name what lesson they took away from 2020’s unprecedented circumstances, all 99 photographers on this list put a positive spin on a situation that was often not filled with such optimism. They chose to focus on the resilience of their clients and fellow wedding artists rather than dwell on the challenges, which makes these creatives even more inspiring in our book. 

Love did not get canceled in 2020, and judging by the work of the below artists, not only did creativity not get canceled, it got magnified. Here, the best wedding photographers in the U.S. whose work continued to encourage us during a time when we all needed beauty, love, and inspiration more than ever. “