Chicago Engagement Session

In May of 2017, Jared encouraged Heather to come watch him play a tennis tournament in Israel. After convincing Heather’s parents to let her travel across the world alone, Heather was on her way to Tel Aviv Israel to meet Jared during his final week of tournaments.

On one evening, they decided to venture to Masada, Israel to begin a hike early in the morning (4 a.m. to be exact). They spent a night in a tiny hostel room with minimal air conditioning and minimal space. After very little sleep, they were up and ready to hike bright and early. As they climbed the hill Jared told Heather, “I promise it will be worth it”. She rolled her eyes and kept trekking along. 

They get to a gorgeous spot overlooking the view and awaiting the sun to rise when Jared asks Heather for a picture. She says, “no, let’s wait until the sun comes up from behind the clouds”, and at that point, turns around and sees Jared’s hand in his pocket. She begins to get suspicious, nervous, and starts to stall to see if she can figure out what was going on. 

30 minutes go by, and finally, Jared gets down on one knee and asks Heather to marry him… and she says YES! 


Jared and Heather live in Orlando, FL and will wed in Milwaukee, WI September 2018.