Kind Words

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Jacqui captured all of our personalities in every shot without feeling in the way. Jacqui has a unique way of capturing moments you didn’t realize were happening that bring fond new memories to cherish for years. As I planned my wedding in another country, I knew the one local component that was a must have was bringing Jacqui with us. Since my wedding was going to be family only, the photographer was at the top of my priority list and it had to be Jacqui. I knew she would be able to capture our Italian wedding day in a way that made friends and family at home feel as if they were present. She captured everything from our engagement photos, rehearsal dinner and wedding beautifully – she made me feel beautiful – even my husband was loving it! She truly went above and beyond with capturing our raw/natural emotions, the beautiful scenery and our special day. The moment I opened the album I teared up at all the memories we shared as a family and with her and it took my right back to Ravello. As a bride I felt all the emotions and Jacqui was a surprising friend to calm me and lean on behind the scenes. I could not recommend Jacqui more – she truly has a special talent to capture your day unlike any other wedding I’ve seen. I’m so grateful I met her through my sister and knew I’d be in good hands! All the love and memories to you! Xo


Working with Jacqui and her team was a really special process. We are generally not people who are extremely comfortable in front of a camera but from the minute we met Jacqui that changed. The way they made us feel so comfortable in just talking with us, and making us laugh, and responding so positively to whatever we were doing made taking pictures fun, and super easy.

Jacqui’s ability to capture unscripted moments, so beautifully, might be the most special aspect of her work. We love how natural and soft the photos came out, and how she and her team captured every important moment of our special day. We feel really special when we are around Jacqui because she has the ability to connect with people so well. She genuinely made us feel so special throughout our engagement and wedding process, and her happiness for us allowed us to not only work with her but form a special friendship in the process. We are so thankful for the experience that Jacqui and her team provided us, and the memories we can relive through our pictures forever.



We all know that planning a wedding can be very daunting. When it comes to finding the perfect photographer, it can be near impossible. Luckily, I discovered Jacqui and from start to finish, she made the entire experience seamless and fun. She’s the type of person that walks into a room and makes you so comfortable that you feel like you’ve known her for years. Not only that, she also makes your friends and family feel the same way. So, the entire day of your wedding, she’s basically the best thing that ever happened to you. Additionally, she truly goes above and beyond on making you and your groom happy, is extremely detail oriented (so you don’t have to worry about a thing) and delivers photography that you’ll be proud of for years to come. She’s truly the full package and I promise that you’ll want to stay in touch with her as friends thanks to such an amazing experience.


I can honestly say that hiring Jacqui was one of the best decisions we made with regards to our wedding day. She is so personable, genuine and down to earth, we felt comfortable with her immediately. It takes an incredibly talented person to be able to capture the beauty of moments the way Jacqui does. I remember seeing a photo of a bride and groom reacting during the Father of the Bride speech and thinking “THAT. That is exactly what I’m looking for.” We wanted photography that was visually stunning, but could also make us feel something whenever we looked at them. Not just a reminder of what our wedding day looked like, but what it all felt like too. Her work does just that.

I am not someone I would consider to be naturally good in front of a camera but somehow Jacqui managed to make both my husband and I feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera and captured “us” in a very real and natural way. She managed to make us, our families and our wedding party feel so comfortable, wasn’t afraid to give direction to get the best shot, but most of the time we forgot there was even a camera around us at all.

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve gone back and looked through all the photos from our wedding weekend. Even now a year and a half later, my face still hurts from smiling by the time I am done.



Jacqui made an already perfect day even better! Her beautiful and natural photos captured our attention but after our initial conversation with Jacqui we knew we had to book her for our wedding weekend. Her genuine and upbeat personality made us even more excited for our wedding day and all that was going to happen that day. Jacqui offered guidance prior to engagement shoot and wedding day and was extremely professional while being so energetic and joyful on our wedding day. I truly think the overall experience was so special because Jacqui treats each client uniquely and really works with you to capture everything you hope for and more on your wedding day. We are so thankful we were able to work with Jacqui as we truly couldn’t have imagined a more personable, energetic and professional photographer to capture our wedding day.


Selecting Jacqui as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made about our wedding. First of all, her work speaks for itself. The photos from our wedding are absolutely incredible. We could not be happier with them. But beyond the photos themselves, Jacqui is wonderful. She is at once a lovely, caring friend AND a consummate professional. She makes it abundantly clear that she puts you and your wedding first. Nothing else distracts her! It is such a relief going into your wedding day knowing that your photographer is dead set on getting you the best photos possible. At the same time, Jacqui was calm, encouraging and lovely. She made me and my husband feel so comfortable, and she captured natural moments. You spend all day with your wedding photographer, and I couldn’t imagine a better person to do that with. We are so glad we chose Jacqui, and we’d recommend her to everyone!


A friend of mine recommended Jacqui to me, and I am forever indebted to her for doing so. I fell in love with her work (and Jacqui!) immediately. Her use of light and attention to detail result in the most romantic and elegant photographs. From our first phone call, I could tell not only how warm and inviting she is, but how much she loves her job. When we met a few months later for our engagement session, I saw firsthand how good she is at her job. Jacqui makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and isn’t afraid to direct the situation in order to get the perfect shot. She also has a calmness to her that is certainly appreciated on one of the most emotional and chaotic weekends of your life.

I will never forget on our wedding day when we had to run inside to escape a thunderstorm that lasted all afternoon long. Of course, I started to cry. Jacqui immediately came over to show me all the amazing outdoor photos we were able to capture in that short time. Your happiness is truly her number one priority. At the end of the night, she asked my husband and I if we needed anything else to which we responded, “Yes, a picture with you!” As always, she happily obliged.



My husband and I had hired a photographer to do our engagement shoot and wedding. I was really disappointed with how the engagement shoot went. I debated for another 8 months about whether to cancel our photographer. I felt super stressed (and a bit crazy) about canceling because we would be forfeiting thousands of dollars. Friends and family tried to assure me the wedding photos and experience would be different than the engagement shoot (“engagement shoots are always awkward!”). But I just knew it didn’t feel right. We decided to cancel our photographer, forfeit our deposit, and hire Jacqui. It was 100% the right decision. You want to feel comfortable on your wedding day and you shouldn’t have to worry about a vendor doing their job professionally or well. I’m so happy that we made the decision – you can’t redo the day or redo the pictures. Jacqui exceeded our expectations – she was professional, organized, and lovely to be around, and we love our photos. We couldn’t recommend her more and are so happy we made the decision to work with her for our wedding even if it took trying another photographer first.

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My husband and I were fortunate enough to connect with Jacqui and book her for our wedding in Palm Beach, FL. Prior to the wedding weekend, Jacqui was so responsive to our communications and assisted with various details for the wedding day. She called to discuss the positives of a first look, arrived a few days early to complete a bridal session, printed a canvas with a quick turn-around, and gave advice regarding the family portrait list. On the day of the wedding, Jacqui was simply outstanding and a true professional. She scouted out locations for the first look and bridal party pictures, captured every single event we had discussed with her, and took additional bridal/family/couple portraits because we were ahead of schedule on two separate occasions. Receiving our wedding gallery of pictures so quickly and seeing the finished product was very moving. The photography itself was so stunning that each picture made my husband and I catch our breath. Jacqui captured our families, our bridal party, and our attendees in the most attractive light. She captured the details of the event in a way that enhanced the romanticism of the evening. And, she captured the overflowing love that my husband and I were feeling that day in front of the most gorgeous scenery. Over the last year, we have framed multiple pictures and honestly we could have framed them all. My husband and I cannot sing enough praises of Jacqui Cole. She is among the best photographers in the world and will only exceed your expectations, no matter how high they are.



From the moment I saw Jacqui’s gallery on her website I knew that I had found the right person to shoot our wedding. Her pictures were light and airy and had the dreamy quality that I love. After speaking with Jacqui on the phone about our wedding plans and how we met, she was so genuinely interested and sincere that I was sold. Everyone loved Jacqui on our wedding day! She was kind, encouraging, and made taking pictures so much fun! I loved how she was able to so perfectly capture both the big and small moments of our wedding without being at all obtrusive. My husband and I could not have been happier when we received our wedding images! She truly captured the love that was the whole day, and we love looking through them again and again to relive the best day of our lives.


I connected with Jacqui right away. She instantly felt like an old friend and she quickly became a partner and confidant throughout our wedding planning process. On our wedding day, Jacqui brought genuine energy and excitement. She went above and beyond to get all of the perfect shots and put everyone at ease. Her love for her job is tangible and she made taking pictures feel natural and fun! Our wedding pictures are stunning! Jacqui has an incredible eye for detail and our pictures perfectly tell the story of our day, capturing all of our love and joy. We loved working with Jacqui and are proud to call her a friend!


Jacqui is everything you could ever want in a wedding photographer. She’s professional, kind, organized, efficient and produces the most beautiful work imaginable. On our wedding day, Jacqui single handedly led our 34 wedding party/family members through every picture we wanted. She always made sure we were the focus of the day. She was so efficient that we finished all of our pictures before the ceremony, so we were able to enjoy the cocktail hour and reception with our guests. Because of Jacqui’s strong leadership and organization, we had zero stress and were able to enjoy every second of our wedding. Within a month, Jacqui delivered all of our pictures to us and they are magnificent!! She provided an amazing day-of experience and gorgeous pictures that we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives.


When we first started looking for a photographer, we had no idea what to look for. Everything we saw looked the same. We felt lost. When we came across Jacqui’s work we were so excited and loved how every photograph showed true emotion and everything felt real – not one photograph felt forced. When we first spoke with Jacqui we could tell how passionate she was about her work and we immediately trusted her vision. One of our favorite things about her work is that she captures moments. We knew we did not want stiff pictures, but rather we wanted pictures that we could look back on for years and remember what each moment felt like. We can honestly say she went above and beyond and every picture from our wedding captured what was felt on that special day. Not only were the pictures stunning but we felt as though we were working with a close friend. Working with Jacqui on our wedding day was without a doubt perfect. She was genuinely excited for us throughout the entire day and she was unbelievably organized. When we got our photos back from Jacqui of our wedding day, we were in awe. I can honestly say I cried. They were perfect. They were everything we wanted. Jacqui captured moments we did not even know we wanted or did not even know were possible. From the beginning of the day, until the end of the night, everything was there and every emotion was felt through the pictures.


We had heard about Jacqui from a family friend of ours. After looking at some examples of her work on her website, I reached out to Jacqui and spoke to her on the phone. Not only was her work beautiful, but she was so pleasant to talk to on the phone and I knew she would be a pleasure to spend these important moments with! We then met in person, and that confirmed it even better. I loved how well Jacqui captured the candid moments from our wedding day! We felt as if she captured the living emotion of the day. When our gallery was delivered I could look at each image and it jogged a memory of that exact moment – I felt a huge sense of joy!


I loved the femininity of the images portrayed on Jacqui’s website – bright color and light are so important to me and that was an important factor for me to pick my photographer. Once we jumped on a phone call and it as love at first convo! You don’t realize when picking your wedding photographer just how much time you are going to spend with them and their team during one of the biggest weekends of your life. I never took into account that I NEEDED a nice, lovely, calm, person around me when there are a lot of emotions going on! Jacqui and her team were nothing short of professional. We quickly took pictures and then were on our merry way celebrating with our guests. In those short moments she was able to capture my favorite pictures ever. Jacqui’s use of color is fantastic. She was able to use the lighting at hand and create the best images. She works magic. It was so helpful that she has clear vision and is so lovely and able to get her amazing shot done and fast! Plus having someone around you that is just so sweet and smiley is so fun and such a pleasure to be around when there is so much going on around you. As soon as I saw our photos I felt all the emotions! JOY, LOVE and TEARS (in a good way).


I first met Jacqui when she photographed my sister’s wedding in Florida and she immediately felt like a member of the family. Her warm and friendly demeanor, calming presence and impeccable organization helped ease any wedding day jitters or stress. I was so impressed by how quickly and seamlessly she was able to move through all of the different photos while we were getting ready, and then once we were with the entire bridal party and all family members on both sides. I was blown away by how the photographs turned out – from the candid ceremony shots, to organized family/bridal party photos and fun reception action shots. Every one of them felt like a piece of art. When I got engaged a year later, I knew that Jacqui was the photographer for my wedding and after choosing my venue and wedding date, she was the first call I made. Jacqui continued to exceed all of my expectations on my wedding day. My fiancé and I decided not to do a first look so that we could see each other for the first time at the ceremony. This definitely compressed the time we could allot to bridal party and family photos on the day of, but Jacqui worked through a precise timeline with me that allowed her to get all of the photos we wanted. Additionally, she spent time beforehand at our venue staking out areas that would provide beautiful backdrops for our photos. The result was some of the most beautiful images I could have imagined and, that months later, I still enjoy looking at so much!


Jacqui’s approach to photography is fun, natural and authentic. She captures the moments you can’t even articulate… just pure emotion. Jacqui is extremely organized and efficient with time as well which truly was an extra bonus as we couldn’t wait to join our guests!!