Romantic Vizcaya Wedding

“Mariano and I met while in college at FIU- we were both studying biology. Throughout the semester we became good friends…He was always very romantic leaving little notes and flowers on my car windshield and after our last final of the semester he asked me out to dinner. In January of 2015, we found out that we both had been accepted to graduate school in New York. We were so excited that we had been accepted to programs in the same city! We immediately started planning our move to New York. Three weeks before we were supposed to move to New York, Mariano and I went to visit my parents for the day. After we arrived we went out to lunch just the two of us and Mariano insisted we stop by the beach. As we got out of the car he grabbed his backpack which I thought was a little odd. While we sat watching the waves he grabbed a small box out of his backpack and when he opened it, there was the ring. I was totally surprised, I almost couldn’t believe it!! It was the perfect moment with just the two of us. We drove back to my parent’s house where everyone was waiting to celebrate. It was such a beautiful and intimate day, one that I will never ever forget.”

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