Beautiful images with no pretense. Carefully balancing energy and empathy to capture your love with honesty, heart, and style. 


A photography experience that feels unique. Singular. Fresh and sincere - an approach by a photographer who values laughter and connection as much as the perfect shot. A balanced respect for tradition and creativity, boldly blending emotive candids, classical portraiture, and striking editorials. 

Selfless approach. Effortless images. 

Named top photographer in
the US by BRIDES.

Top Wedding Photographers in the World by Harpers Bazaar.

"Jacqui's team delivers this exceptional experience while blending a relaxed yet attentive approach, never missing an unscripted moment."


Kind Words

Jacin Fitzgerald Events

Jacin Fitzgerald

"Jacqui is the real deal. She’s warm, welcoming, and exudes a calm energy, one that is so welcome onsite but also in life. Her photos are beautiful of course - but they’re also real. Jacqui captures the emotion, the tiniest of details, the true moments, and even more important - the moments in between. I love working with her not only because I know the photos are going to be absolutely incredible every single time, but also because she is a kind and genuine soul as well. That combo is hard to come by sometimes so when I find it? I hold on tight."

Bride & Groom

Aggie and Andrew

"To us, photography isn’t just about the beautiful prints. It’s about having all the little moments that are really the big moments captured. It’s about being able to look back to see the raw emotion in our loved ones, notice the little details of the night that we may have missed, and to be able to go back and see the narrative of our love unfold in front of us. This is Jacqui’s work. From the moment we hopped on a phone call with Jacqui, we knew we found our person. She captured the essence of our wedding weekend and wrote our whole narrative perfectly."

Bride & Groom

Ashley and Steven

"Jacqui isn't just a photographer, but someone who is passionate about capturing the essence of your special day, while also making certain that she's not interfering with any of your celebrations. Jacqui's work reflects not only her incredible photography skills, but also her ability to encapsulate our most precious and authentic moments from our wedding. Jacqui's positive energy added an extra layer of FUN to our wedding weekend! Her professionalism, creativity, and fun-loving spirit made every moment of our wedding weekend an enjoyable experience."


A photographer who cares how you feel. How your guests will experience your day. A thoughtful balance of sophisticated style and natural beauty.

An approach without ego.