Hyper-individualized. Natural. Effortless.
An unfussy approach that respects tradition.
The family dynamic. The BIG picture. 

What it's all about.

Over the past decade, Jacqui and her team have traveled the globe documenting unbelievable celebrations of love in the most exclusive, intimate, and historically prestigious destinations worldwide.

Equally known for her editorial eye and effervescent approach, she has crafted a reputation for her instantly recognizable imagery and tastefully bold style.

Featured, notably, by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Bride’s, she remains enamored by the opportunity to share the profound joy of love and family that only a wedding brings. 

When not behind the lens, Jacqui finds joy and restoration with family. Whether nestled at home in Florida, visiting family in England, or traveling with her husband. She also finds deep purpose working with families at The Ryan Callahan Foundation, helping create unforgettable experiences and moments of joy for children battling cancer.

             eftly balancing classic fine art photography, statement editorials, and the instinctive eye of a photojournalist, Jacqui thoughtfully captures the meaning of your moment with kindness, sensitivity, and joy.

A provider of considerate direction and sincere encouragement, her patient, connective approach ensures that her couples feel comfortable, seen, and understood. Guided by intuition and curiosity, her lens follows the natural energy and excitement of the day ensuring a photography experience that looks and feels exactly as it should. A friend and partner at the ready. There to make the moment yours. To capture the day as authentically and honestly as possible. Someone who understands that timeless beauty comes from within. 



Jacqui Cole

We've been fortunate to be featured in some of the most prestigious press and publications, including...

- Ashley and Steven

"Jacqui isn't just a photographer, but someone who is passionate about capturing the essence of your special day. Her positive energy added an extra layer of FUN to our wedding weekend! Her professionalism, creativity, and fun-loving spirit made every moment of our wedding weekend an enjoyable experience. You'll even find her out on the dance floor, which results in some of the best photos of the night! Jacqui's personality perfectly complemented ours, which is why she was one of our favorite vendors to work with during such an intimate weekend!"

- Aggie and Andrew

"To us, photography isn’t just about the beautiful prints. It’s about having all the little moments that are really the big moments captured. It’s about being able to look back to see the raw emotion in our loved ones, notice the little details of the night that we may have missed, and to be able to go back and see the narrative of our love unfold in front of us. This is Jacqui’s work. From the moment we hopped on a phone call with Jacqui, we knew we found our person. She captured the essence of our wedding weekend and wrote our whole narrative perfectly."

"Jacqui’s the type of person that walks into a room and makes you so comfortable that you feel like you’ve known her for years. Not only that, she also makes your friends and family feel the same way. So, the entire day of your wedding, she’s basically the best thing thats ever happened to you"

Tera and Nick